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Kidney disease is being fought by some of the greatest people I know. Like my friend on dialysis who taught me how to make my annual Christmas baklava, and another friend who taught me everything I didn’t know about motorcycles and car racing. And let’s not forget the friend who groomed me in the art of homemade yogurt or the one who jokes that road trips are a breeze for her because she doesn’t need to stop to pee. These people have motivated me with their positive zeal for life in the face of chronic disease. They’ve refused to let it define them. It’s made them stronger!

I believe food is an incredible part of all our lives. We use food to acknowledge the most important events of life, connect with family and friends, and sometimes even to give us solace when we’re feeling down. There is a lot of confusing information on the internet about the renal diet. Potassium, phosphorus, protein, sodium, vegetarian, and on it goes, every search leading you in a different direction. I started this blog to provide clarity to the confusion surrounding the renal diet. I want people to know I am enthusiastic about kidney-friendly foods that taste great. I consider myself the “can-have” dietitian and want to show all the foods people with renal failure can have, not only what they need to limit. I love helping people find answers about what to eat and find joy in every bite!

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Jessianna Saville, MS,RDN, CSR, LD, CLT

I’m a registered dietitian of eleven years, a board certified renal nutrition specialist, and certified LEAP therapist. I reside in Texas where I love blogging about kidney-friendly foods, working with clients, and speaking about conquering chronic disease dietary restrictions. I help people with kidney disease navigate the renal diet through private counseling both virtually (throughout the US) and in my little office here in Texas. I also provide LEAP nutrition therapy for those with autoimmune or inflammatory conditions.

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